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YogaFit Anatomy & Alignment Teacher Training

  • YogaFit’s Seven Principles of Alignment (SPA) in depth  
  • To identify and locate bones, muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons, understand their functions in the body, and learn how they move the body into and out of yoga poses
  • How movement occurs and how it is constrained
  • How to apply principles of functional anatomy to specific asana and to transitions between poses
  • The use of neurological reflexes to make poses safer and more efficient
  • Anatomy of breathing
  • To understand alignment principles (based on functional anatomy) of specific pose categories
  • How to add anatomical language to your cuing so that your students can understand it as they practice with you
  • To use worksheets to test your knowledge and retention of the information

Rooms have been blocked for teacher trainings, please contact Catina at 573-864-9762 or to reserve your room.

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8:00 AM08:00

YogaFit for Personal Trainers Teacher Training

  • YogaFit’s foundational alignment principles drawn from exercise science and focused on safety, which preserve the effectiveness and traditional form of each pose
  • Precise alignment for 38 of the most effective and popular yoga poses, which can help us execute other types of exercise more precisely and safely
  • To evaluate your client's need for yoga poses based on range of motion, postural assessment, and muscle balance
  • A highly effective training method that uses a base set of poses to develop strength for the whole body, including ways to integrate weights for the upper body
  • The importance of breath awareness and relaxation for overall health, and how to incorporate breathing techniques effectively into your sessions
  • How to use YogaFit’s transformational language to improve your communication skills and to assist your clients and students in motivating themselves and building self­-awareness
  • How to use YogaFit Essence in your sessions to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and retain clients

Rooms have been blocked for teacher trainings, please contact Catina at 573-864-9762 or to reserve your room.

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6:30 PM18:30

Intro to Body Rolling Workshop

Join us in this journey toward greater self-awareness and freedom of movement! Pain and discomfort are often the result of misalignments and restrictions in the body. Come learn how to release these restrictions, facilitate joint mobility and realign the skeletal structure using a Yamuna ball, traction, and education. Education is the emphasis as “a ball is just a ball without education.”

The workshop will be taught by Norma Goodrick who is certified in Yamuna Body Rolling, Table Treatment, Body Logic, and Foot Fitness. For more information, her website is and Yamuna’s is

$55 (contact Catina at to sign up)

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to Aug 26

Goddess Getaway

When women support each other amazing things happen.  Join together with current and new sisters to breathe, move, laugh and release.  Spend a little time for yourself for it's from the overflow of our cups being filled we are able to continue to give to others.  

Retreat includes 2 yoga practices, meditation, a cleansing ceremony, free time for paddle board/aerial etc., a potluck dinner (everyone brings a dish to share), a bountiful breakfast and a beautiful night's stay at Breathe @ JJ's Folly Bed and Breakfast.


  • Peace, Air and Sound, Earth and Water rooms: $169 for single or $139 each for room share (2 people in queen bed)
  • Light Room (includes 2 separate rooms with a full bed): $159 each (2 people max)
  • Sun Suite (includes queen bed and full pull out sofa and full kitchen): $169 each for 2 people
  • Pitch your own tent and camp out in the front yard (10 spot limit): $79 each person

To register contact Catina Topash at 573-864-9762 or

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to Aug 5

YogaFit Level One Teacher Training

  • Forty-­six fundamental YogaFit poses needed to teach an inclusive, well rounded, and safe yoga class to students for all ages, fitness levels, and experience
  • The physical execution, transitions, and modifications for each pose to ensure that it is safe and effective for every body type
  • To create dynamic vinyasa sequencing and flowing class formats based on YogaFit’s three-­mountain class structure
  • To use transformative language to communicate how each pose connects the mind and the body
  • To teach what you’ve learned within a nurturing and supportive classroom setting

Rooms have been blocked for teacher trainings, please contact Catina at 573-864-9762 or to reserve your room.

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8:00 AM08:00

YogaFit YogaBack Teacher Training

  • A basic overview of common back issues, such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, and sacroiliac instability
  • General guidelines for dealing with common back issues
  • How to recognize levels and type of pain, such as acute vs chronic pain
  • Yoga poses appropriate at different stages of back pain
  • Yoga poses to maintain a healthy back
  • YogaBack protocols and sequences that serve as a starting point for a therapeutically based back-care plan
  • Breathing techniques designed to alleviate or mitigate pain
  • How to modify poses, using props and gentle assists, to ensure a safe and appropriate experience

Rooms have been blocked for teacher trainings, please contact Catina at 573-864-9762 or to reserve your room.

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Paddle Board Yoga Class
11:00 AM11:00

Paddle Board Yoga Class

Paddle Board Yoga is a unique way to experience nature within and around.  This class offers strength, endurance, balance, grace and breath.  We will begin with a paddle around the lake, and then return with a yoga class that ends with a relaxation lying on the boards and soaking up the sun.  Find fun, freedom and fluidity to fulfill your weekend.

Click here...To reserve your space today! (Go to Events & Classes and scroll to the bottom of the page.)

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