Breathe @ JJ's Folly Bed & Breakfast has 4 bedrooms and 1 suite, each named after the an element with its corresponding colors to help you further connect to the natural energy of this home.


Peace Room

Peace (white) has a queen bed and a "private" bathroom accessed from the hallway. The serenity and beauty of this room will leave you feeling peaceful and content.


Air & Sound

Air and Sound (blue and green) has a queen bed and a connecting bathroom.  This room will open your heart to breathe deeply and feel a sense of connection and communication.

Earth & Water

Earth and Water (red and orange) has a queen bed. It shares a bathroom with the Light room. This room allows you to feel connected and rooted, leaving space for joy and freedom.


Light (purple and white) has  2 separate rooms with one main entrance.  Each room contains a full bed. This room is ideal for families or for those just wanting a little more space. This room shares a bathroom with Earth and Water room.

Sun Suite

Sun Suite (yellow) is a fully furnished apartment with complete kitchen, living room, queen bedroom, full hide a bed sofa and gas heated fireplace.  The spaciousness and energy of this room leaves you feeling energized and ready for the day!  

The Sun Suite is the only room where up to two small pets are allowed (it has a separate entrance and there will be an additional fee).

The Sun Suite requires a 2 night stay minimum.





Breathe @ JJ'sFolly Bed & Breakfast is not handicapped accessible. All the bedrooms are on the second floor or basement. Access to the second floor is by circular staircase or ladder only